Quality Note

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My husband is awesome when it comes to genuine gestures. I know I am loved.
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Since we have been together I have received many a letter, card, drawing, painting, and fancy food display expressing how much he loves me.
This note: : : Wax sealed envelope, stamped using handmade stamp. Paper-marbling technique envelope liner. Silly note to balance the fanciness.
This was a three part project Zack did with his art classes. Some of the students had never heard of a wax seal!! Craziness.
Also, incase you were wondering why the wax soaked through, they used crayons, because schools have an abundance of crayons, and not an abundance of funds for wax. I think if he does this again, we’ll splurge for the good stuff!
Thank you so much for this lovely note, Zack!

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  1. You guys are so cute together...! I love how creative you both are!


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