Toddler Burrito


It has been in the forties here lately (freezing) despite it being five days shy of May. Sorry to everyone else who is experiencing such weather here in Missouri, I feel as though it is lingering simply because God is testing my patience and see how angry I will become before I either explode or fizzle out and accept what is.


I have (as of now) decided to accept what is. I have thrown in the towel and made a toddler burrito out of it. Although, I am not ruling out a total m e l t d o w n within the next week or so. In case we end up ditching our dreams of Florida or Savannah I am trying my best to be at peace with living in the north with such bad weather – with a smile.


…and she’s down….

Thank the Lord for sunshine today!!! Still freezing cold outside (and therefore, inside), but you know what is perfect for a cold house full of little ones who need to stay warm? SNUGGLES!


We have spent the past few days laid up in bed , under covers, fighting cold toes and noses. Cuddling. Giggling after dramatic kisses. Experiencing tickle fights. Reading massive amounts of books. Drinking nearly an entire box of hot chocolate. Regretting the decision to pack up our winter attire. Digging out hats, wool socks, and layering jackets and hoodies.


Vintage dress gifted to us by our friend Martha. It came with a pair of matching shorts that are too big for her now, but you might see on Miss P. sometime soon.


Maybe we needed this time to snuggle with our littlest lady. She is growing so fast. Penelope and her have certainly bonded. They look forward to time with each other. Sometimes I sneak off, only to peak through a crack in the doorway and watch them interact. It is beautiful.

Penelope and I have been playing a “Do you like ______ or ______ better?” game, and I have learned so much about her!


We might bundle up and head to the library again this afternoon when it reaches fifty degrees.

About five more years and maybe we can bask in warm weather that lacks humidity forever…

For now I think I will leave the winter clothes out year round. We did, after all, have snow yesterday!

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  1. Hang in there---it really will be summer before you know it!


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