Photo above was taken by Penelope –Thanks P! Amelia is not used to a flash, she was actually SUPER happy Mama was holding her. :)
So, before any official news breaks or anything official happens, thought we’d let those who care know that we are home shopping. Prayers for our final decision and such are appreciated!!!! We have been on the hunt for months now, seen so many houses, talked to realtors, several banks, and scoured the interwebs for info. and we have narrowed it down to one we are in love with and suits us to a T.
If this house is not in God’s plan for us we will be waiting a couple months to try again, as home shopping can really take it’s toll. We have received lots of wonderful advice from folks, but have kept it rather under wraps and still have two definite people we still have to steal knowledge on the subject from. Feel free to shower us with advice!
Aside from house hunting, we have been shopping, cleaning, taking walks, cleaning, taking the girls to the indoor pool (fun!!), cleaning, and going to church. Oh! We also cleaned a bit, although there is no evidence of it whatsoever. Maybe we’re doing it wrong. Advice on how to keep a house clean longer than 5 minutes with two littles is welcome as well.
We turn in some paperwork to the bank today, meet with the realtor in the evening about an offer, and see where it goes.
I’m sure the grandparents will be glad we’re sticking in Missouri a bit longer…amiright?

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  1. Wow! Missouri is THE PLACE to be!I'm not biased at all. :o)

    And that squishy cheek kiss picture of Amelia is adorable!


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