It is seven o’clock Tuesday morning, and already I feel so grateful for so many things!
Real estate agents who are willing to play peek-a-boo with your toddler, while toting your 5 month old so you can admire insignificant details of your dream house.
Toddlers who are patient at seven o’clock in the morning when you are spacing out as she tells you eight times she would like some water, please, then watches as you try to give it to her infant sister. Geez.
A roof over our heads despite how appallingly messing we let the inside get.
The ability to clean said house. The ability to accomplish anything I dream to do.
My very own copy of the Holy Bible, or rather yet multiple copies. – and the freedom to read it.
Teething toys that can sooth a baby like none other.
Sunshine (!!!) that fills our home this morning.
Dental insurance, and an awesome dentist to use it on!
Beautiful, patient daughters.
A dream home in our grasp.
Prayer. That such a little voice is heard above the loud life we all lead.
Both answered and unanswered prayers.
The possibility to own our own home should the Lord desire us to do so.
Breakfast. Mmmm, breakfast.
(All of these photos were taken using the freelensing method. Tried it out yesterday – pretty fun!)


  1. I can think of no better, patient, creative faithful people who deserve blessings in their lives than you guys. Its amazing to just be able to be greatful for the small things that make your life a little bit better

  2. Lovely blog, Jade. Th photos are beautiful and the words more so.


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