Free Ice Cream Cones

I took the girls to story time for the first time at the local library. They read Henny Penny, rather appropriate, don’t you think? Afterwards we did some crafts, and they handed out free Sonic ice cream cone coupons. So after work we went for ice cream then headed on over to the river (more on that tomorrow).
It took some convincing to Penelope that, although Yokidoki across the street where we usually get ice cream, had ice cream, we were going to get ice cream from Sonic this time.
It was a hit, despite the wind and how fast our ice cream melted. The bigger the mess the better it tastes I suppose.
It is warm outside. Finally. Though it may not last, we are stretching our days as far as we can. We have company coming, and will have various company for the next week and a half! Hooray!!


  1. Yum! Looks like fun...I hope Amelia got a tiny taste! :o)

  2. She did. :) Mama snuck her a little bit.


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