I Love Them So

Amelia is one month old today  She becomes more beautiful each day and her personality is blossoming into something truly wonderful. Her laugh fills my heart with such an amazing joy. That oh-so-awesome (and unexpected) first laugh when she was two weeks old stabbed me right in the ‘ole ticker, I love her so much! She is such a delight each and every day.
She now smiles when she hears my voice, maybe I’ll get a Mama’s girl! Ah, who am I kidding, Daddy is too awesome to compete with.
She only wakes up once at night – hooray!
She eats like a champ and grows like a weed.
She is awake most of the day now and has finally begun to respond to, and interact with, toys! I was/am having trouble finding ways to entertain her so that she remains awake. Who know you could forget how to occupy an infant in just two years? [Thanks Jonathan for the tickle suggestion – I am thoroughly enjoying it!]
I could hold her all day long given the opportunity!
Penelope has been such an amazing help and a wonderful friend to me since Amelia arrived, so for her, my darling, I write this: : :
Two years old and so imaginative and interested in the world and excited about life.
You are quick to make friends and you are one of the most ticklish little girls I've ever come across - your laugh is one of my favorite sounds in that world — especially that crazy laugh reserved for things that are extra silly :). You love reading books about anything and everything — and we are beyond proud of you.
You’re a champion snuggler. You love food and your sweet tooth is unrivaled in this house. You have the best dance moves I've ever seen. You love cleaning, walks, shopping and making crafts. Your baby sister will look up to you like crazy and you will love to dress her up in “cute!” outfits and help her learn to eat, walk, cut-a-wicked-rug, potty, and have a proper tea party. You’ve grown into an amazing big sister over the past month and I so look forward to watching the two of you grow up together.
Thank you for still letting me call you my baby girl. I love you so.
Thank you Lord for my beautiful daughters, their health, and the love Zack and I have for them. We are blessed.

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