December in a Nut Shell


I’ve been gone from the blogging world for quite a while. Our computer broke down a couple weeks ago, and I am just now ready to begin blogging again. We had a wonderful week with family for Christmas. Penelope was able to enjoy tons of quality time with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Zack still has a few days off until School starts up again, we are loving this cozy family time here at home! I’m not sure how Penelope will handle Daddy going back to work, but I am grateful he doesn’t have to work long days.


We had our first snow last night. It was only a thin layer, but we’ll take it! Penelope loved it, or rather loved how much Reese loved it. Two hats, one hood, two shirts, one coat, two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks and one set of boots. Snug as a bug in a really cold rug!


Penelope has a lot of “learning tools” here at home from worksheets, Little Pim Spanish App, Planet Earth and Human Planet DVDs, as well as basic color and counting lessons so I plan on starting a new daily schedule for her during the week as a type of school and include some exercise time (she is adorable while attempting yoga poses!)

Any learning tips for toddlers you’ve found helpful?


Amelia is now awake most of the day and is smiling a lot! She loves music (and doesn’t whine when Mama makes her dance) as well as Mama’s voice,  and is becoming more and more interested in toys and less and less interested in her pacifier (HOORAY!!).

Here are some photos from our week with family: : :

Christmas 12

1. Red Lobster is HIGH-larious. 2. Homemade festive necklace 3. Profesh manicure complete with *sparkles* 4. Mall shopping 5. Slushie…mmmm… 6. Floppy baby girl 7. Sister love 8. Consoling a Fisher Price Wiseman who was left alone in the doll house, poor fella 9.Wide-eyed for “standing time”

Things are pretty wonderful around here! Hope it’s the same for you!




  1. So happy that the blogs are back!

  2. yay blog! i totally started cracking up at the consoling of the wiseman lol.... i saw yards with no snow and one decently sized snow man that kids had scrapped all the little snow they could get to make


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