My Fourth Mother’s Day


Not only did I get to sleep until NINE THIRTY (!!!), I was given an entire day of fun!  Once I awoke (too late to go to church) we loaded everyone into the car, picked up some snacks from the gas station and just drove. Exploring new lands, one of my favorite ways to pass the time.


She put her shoes on herself.


We ended up at a creek surrounded by soft beach-like sand, complete with shells!! The perfect day to find this place!


Video that goes along with this photo.

Zack was going to take me out to lunch, but I filled up on snacks…oops. After the girls naps, we went out for an early supper to Panera.


Not only is it hearty, healthy, and delicious, it also makes southern-style sweet tea! Mmmm….


I was given antiques!! An old New Garden Book and a “Mother” mug. One happy Mama. Zack also got some Panera to-go, so we didn’t have dirty dishes to take care of! Hooray! We ended the night snuggling, eating Panera pastries, and watching Monsters Inc.

Pretty wonderful day.

( Last year’s celebration )

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