Six Years



It has been six years since we became Mr. & Mrs. What a dreamy, adventurous time we have had!

I admire you, Zack. Your charm gives me a case of wobble knees something fierce. The look of adoration you carry in your eyes as you gaze upon me makes my soul warm. I know I am loved.

I have enjoyed every trip we’ve shared together, whether it was an hour drive through neighboring country roads or week long trips through multiple states to visit my family. I eagerly await what I hope to be many many more.

Your creativity and never slowing desire to accomplish things, anything, pushes me to be a better version of myself. You are one of kind. The best kind. My favorite kind.

You are hot!. SMOKIN’ HOT!

While some collect tea cups and comic books, you collect pet names and kisses. I will never tire of you. (or your super attractive face!!)

You are patient. You are forgiving. You are curious and driven. You are fun!

You are the husband and father every girl deserves. We are blessed to know you. To spend every day with you by our side, what a gift. Days that end in your embrace. A day ending with a smile, because the Lord chose you for us, and us for you. I am so thankful I found you when I was so young. More days to love you. More days to laugh along side you.

We have shared tears. Tears of pure heart break at the loss of a possible child. Tears of pure joy at the birth of the two God allowed us to meet in this lifetime. Tears of worry. Tears of laughter, because of course, we are both hilarious!

You are my best friend, the Ketchup to my noodles (In a scenario where I would eat such a thing).

You are top shelf material. Quality. Picked right off the tree kind of goodness.

I truly truly love you.

Happy Anniversary Darlin’!


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