Dear Rae

Miss Amelia.
You are growing so fast. You are a second child, which for Mama and Daddy means time with you will fly by much quicker than with Penelope. You are also advancing faster than she did, which is not helping my mama heart cope. You are a joy to watch though!
This past week you have learned to hold your own bottle, sit up, and today you went from lying on your belly to sitting upright all on your own! You now say “Dada,” and feed yourself puff snacks. As much as I document your life, I feel as though you are advancing too quickly, leaving me unable soak up memories of your milestones. I am so proud of you. You are so smart. You are beautiful. You are a love of my life. You make me a better person. I am so blessed to know you and share my life with you.
We love you Mia!


  1. I want to grab that little face a smooch it! What sweet smile! She looks proud of her accomplishments!


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