Time With Friends


Tuesday was a day reserved for friends. My friends, to be specific. Friends who have children the ages of my kiddos, which I am so grateful for. I feel these girls could be great friends given enough time together. Maybe that will work itself out over the years.


Her new brother is ten days older than Amelia. We’ve decided they are destined to marry each other. Need proof? Here is a love-at-first-sight story, in photos: : :


As you can see, the female already captains this ship :)


We finally met this lovely boy!! I can’t believe I had already forgotten what a tiny baby felt like… He is a sweetheart.


We ended the evening at my parents house. Silliness was abundant! The girls were able to stay up past bedtime, (oooh!).

Another big day tomorrow. Somehow our vacations are busy…I think we’re going about it all wrong. Someday we will go to a beach and just sit on our rumps for days and get a wonderful sunburn and have crispy salty hair.


  1. You may sit on the beach with crispy, salty hair....but NO SUNBURNS!
    (Can I come? I'll bring my beach umbrella!!!)

  2. Yes Ma'am! I don't get sunburns easily, but I feel like I would get the hole beach experience if I received one :) seriously, we're inviting you and your umbrella on our next beach trip!


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