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Snapshots – Wilkinson addition!

The past two days we have spent a lot of time with my family, and I took a photo or two to remember them. :)


Leo and Penelope thoroughly enjoyed the stairs at my parents place. Not sure what it is about stairs, but it sure is easy, cheap entertainment!


First of all, when did Joe develop Audrey’s five-head??

Joe and Amelia bonded. She took to him a lot faster than she does most men. Maybe because he resembles Mama? Nice to know she would love me even if I had facial hair…I can’t really say Amelia bonded with Megahn, you just kind of love her immediately, no bonding necessary. The girls love seeing Joe and Megahn, we don’t get to enough! Hint hint, Joe.


No words necessary for these two photos, but I could set the scene a bit for you.

Penelope was enjoying left over chocolate from Mama and Daddy’s date the night before, while shopping at Target for Amelia some clothes. Girl be growin’!

The hat and shirt were purchases we made (at H&M) on our date, because when you are not with your kids, you are thinking about your kids, am I right??


After Target we ate some lunch and played at a park for a bit before the girls had to nap. No photos of the park, it’s enough just trying to keep both eyes on both girls.

Hopefully we can see everyone some more before we end our trip! Thanks for hanging out with us and loving our girls as much as you do!!

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  1. The nose knows! I love the picture of Amelia grabbing Uncle Joe's schnozz!


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