Two Parties, One Day


Saturday, Penelope’s friend had her third birthday party. We had so much fun!


She has the prettiest hair and the sweetest voice!


Amelia and Aunt Audrey :)


She loves her Grandpa!! I love these two, they are even cooler together than they are apart.


P won a mental award for being the only child to leave her hat on…well A did later on as well. Such great girls.


Edgar shared his Handy Mandys with Amelia, which is a pretty big deal. Apparently he won’t let anyone touch them. Notice she has all three (!!!) If she has a way with the gentlemen this young, we might be in for it once she enters high school…oh boy.


Amelia and Samuel. He is a cutie, but didn’t care for the baby longer than the time it took to take this photo. I’m sure he’ll be better once baby brother arrives.

Thank you Martha for inviting us!!

: : The second party: :


Looking like her Mama here. She switches between me as a baby and her Great-Grandpa Rogers. Really weird for me at the times she resembles my baby self.


Sadie and Penelope decided to have a tea party Saturday evening. So cute. As they began to set up the “supplies,” Sadie said to P, “You wanna make it special?” and proceeded to walk to the back room and grab a blanket for them to sit on. It was pretty stinkin’ special!

She even hauled the Bumbo over so Amelia could join them!


Cousins. So much fun! My favorite cousins are 2-3 years older than me, as is Sadie to Penelope. They are going to have lots of fun together. I am so glad Penelope has at least one girl cousin. Unless my brothers have girls at some point Sadie will be her only one.

We later went out for a stroll around the mall…


Chocolate ice cream cones, and dancing on mega comfy…well, comforters, were just some of the highlights!

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