Forest Park


Warning: : Photo overload!

We decided to begin our trip a day early, and spend the evening at Forest Park, as the weather was cooling down. It turned out to be a fantastic idea!


Dipping baby toes in the water.


Amelia has begun this closed-mouth-half-smile, as if she is trying not to let on that she actually finds you funny. We are in for a silly silly time when she gets Penelope’s age!


Clearly Mama needs to invest in some rain boots or shorts…we couldn’t make it all the way to the “fun part.” Maybe next time.


Penelope kind of made it into the photo, (check over my shoulder).


Stopping to smell (…or eat…) the Peonies!


We weren’t planning on stopping by the Zoo, but ended up there on our walk and decided it would be weird not to visit the animals. Who would pass up a free fantastic zoo? Not this gal!

Penelope’s favorite animal, the Lion, was not out. We said he was sleeping. We did however, see plenty of other great animals! Penelope recognized the Donkey from her Bible drawings. So smart!

We have lots of other plans for the next few days. Plenty more posts to come, and probably just as many photos for each, go figure. Can’t help myself.

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