Snapshots: : 13


This past week has been full of pretend play, company, and various unexciting outings. Oh, and photos of these things!


We spent some time at the high school cleaning up Daddy’s classroom. Penelope stacked cups. She knows right where to find them and runs to grab ‘em every time we visit his room.


Lots of chalk art! She was into houses this week. A big step up from babies in my opinion – Halleluiah!


Amelia had her six month appointment this week. Twenty pounds, 10 ounces! Perfect in everyway! She destroyed the paper liner. Crinkly fun, hard to resist. She also received five shots. Poor baby. She later slept for seventeen hours straight.

Zack now has nine (and a half! Every minute counts, right?) days off – let the fun (and more exciting posts) begin!!!

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