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Zack’s first year of teaching ended this past Friday!! This school year flew by for me, not so much for Zack :) We took him out for lunch to celebrate! (Notice P’s shoes are on the wrong feet again?)


Penelope has been preferring to use pillows as blankets. I did this as a kid too! 


I was able to have time to myself (what??!?!) Friday as well. Two and a half hours of self time. So where do I go?? Antique store, of course. I spent an hour there and only made it through a fourth of the store! The rest of the time was spent driving and at JC Penny. My purchases will be posted once they are in the new house. Except the underwear I purchased…yeah I don’t think that will be shared. – Just to be clear, the underwear was bought at JC Penny not the antique store.


We spent our Saturday morning on the porch, reading Mommy’s mother’s day gift


…drawing babies with chalk…


…taking 28 photos of this same thing with Mommy’s camera (Photo taken my Penelope)…




Giggling after she went inside to wake up Daddy.

After Daddy woke up she played with cars and tossed a ball around for a while with him. So grateful for an outdoor place to spend time! The outdoors are good for Zack and I. I think it is rubbing of on our girls.


Okay, so one of my purchases will be posted today – new sheets for the girls, when A moves up to a big girl bed she will have the matching one.


After Amelia woke up from her first nap, the girls played a bit together then we took a walk through town! It was lovely!

Now the girls are off for naps, we might get to see our Aunt Teresa and Uncle Greg, Zack has graduation tonight, then we are off to St. Peters, so we can go on a date tomorrow!!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Love the sleeping sweaty sweety!!!


  2. Me too, I sat and watched her for a while. She's so sweet

  3. I am totally in love with your outfit Jade!!! I don't know why but the sleepy Penelly pic makes her look like a little blonde Betty boop :) and i'm trying to figure Miss Mia's hair out..... Is it red?


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