Hey! Boy!


Sunday morning we stopped by a friend’s house. I hadn’t seen her in…well…two years! Wow! Penelope was five months old. We used to say our kids were going to end up together – based on these photos, we’d have some adorable grandkids! Just worked out that their names are Cash and Penny, and their sister’s are Mesa and “Mia”. Couldn’t be cuter!


Not sure, but I hope this truck came pre-mudded!

Penelope loves tractors, and there were plenty for her to play with. We have no tractor toys at our house, but I have a feeling we will be hearing “My gwactor, peeese?” a lot.


Playing a keyboard with her feet??? Craziness!


Cash taught us all about how to grow corn! He is so smart!


Mesa is gorgeous! Obviously. She is such a sweetheart, and man oh man is she a fast runner!


These two were so funny figuring each other’s names out. All in all, I think “Elby” and “Hey! Boy!” liked each other by the time we left. They’ll definitely have to hang out more often!

Thanks for sharing the morning with us Tara! It was great to see you!


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