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Photo taken by Dylan

Last weekend we went to a wedding for one of our favorite people. It was short, sweet, lovely, and we are so so happy for them! The bride was gorgeous (as always). Penelope called her “Princess” all morning. :)


Penelope and Uncle Dylan chat’n it up.


Penelope was pretty tired (and sassy!), so we only stayed at the reception long enough to say hello to the friends we haven’t seen in two years. We miss them all so much!


We began packing the girls’ stuff up. ‘Tis a mess.

Penelope recently received a Doc McStuffins doll, and it came with little pieces that I kept packaged up. As soon as I gave in to the begging, one was missing within five minutes. Amelia isn’t allowed to play in her room until we find it, which might just be moving day.


Best part about packing? Empty boxes! Penelope wants to do everything with Amelia now that she can get around. I hear, “Mia Comin’?” a lot these days. 


Amelia took her first ride in a cart without her car seat this week! Such a big girl!


I love her scrunchy nose smile!

We spend most of our days on the porch. We would spend it in the neighboring churches super green grass, but it has been wet for weeks now.


Penelope also chewed her first piece of gum. She totally swallowed it. So, her first is also her last. She said it was “hot,” I think she thought the mint flavor was spicy. :)


Amelia experienced the swing for the first time as well!! I think she liked it. :)


and the firsts just keep on coming! Amelia’s first tooth finally broke through!! That was a tough one for her.

First time playing in a box, first independent ride in the cart, first time attending a wedding (for Amelia), first piece of gum, A’s first time in a park swing and first tooth…it’s been a full week of firsts for these girls! The week is not over yet, Penelope is trying to add “first time eating chocolate for breakfast” to her list…not happenin’ lady.

I hope your week has been just as wonderful!


  1. Your blog was such a fun start to my day! I love girls in a box, chalk feet, sweet swingin' smiles....so much to love!

  2. You were given two BEAUTIFUL girls!

  3. So much to love in these pictures! Ah! I have to say my favorite is Penelly in the box pointing to Miss Mia she's all like, "sister! go man the front lines! I will stay here and guard the base!"
    You know every time I try drawing a flower two of the petals end up shorter than the rest, it's a curse I tell you! Amelia looks so smitten to be swinging :)


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