Our Mornin’


Today has been the first relaxing day in what seems like a month for me. It is quiet. No music, television, or children playing too loud in our “backyard.”

Penelope is finally going potty independently (unless mommy chases her to the bathroom for a photo like a crazy person). Exactly two years on the potty, I think it’s long over due.

Amelia is going to start going potty on the toilet this month as well. She is different for Penelope in a lot of ways, so we’ll see how this goes.


Amelia crawled today!!! It was on the slippery kitchen floor and has not been attempted again, but I’m going to say it was legit and 100% on purpose.


Along with crawling, our morning was spent vacuuming, completing a mound of dishes, changing three record breaking diapers, filling a hamper with dirty clothes - this will be my final step in the complete-laundry portion of mission-make-our-home-company-ready…I just don’t feel like attempting such a task today.


Kisses have been avoided…


…and forced! Mama’s kisses should still be delicious!!! Right?


We had Penelope’s Bible lesson on the porch between chalk doodles during A’s nap.

It was so nice, and we are in for another busy couple of weeks, not including new things Amelia will be learning, and Penelope needing even more hands on time with Mama. Yikes!

Busy is good though. Better than bored.


  1. Busy IS better than bored....as long as you take time to rest!

  2. The picture of Penelope with the purple chalk...I think she resembles Leo there.

  3. Your faces are so awesome jade lol! You take those kisses from Penelly! I'm loving reading about how creative and educational you are! I hope I can put the love of learning in my little one early like you have with Penelly and Miss Mia for real.


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