7 months


Miss Amelia is seven months old today! She has completed so many firsts in the past month!


First word  : : “Dada” (Penelope’s was “Hey!”)

First crawl.

First – and second!- tooth.

First time holding her own bottle.

First time sitting up on her own.

First time pulling up onto something and standing for a bit.

First time on the potty – and it would have been the worst diaper I had ever changed – hooray for good timing!


She is now a fantastic eater! She knows the drill. Spoon feedings and independently eating puff snacks.

I don’t know how she does it, but she seems to be everywhere at once these days! Blink and she’s into something she shouldn’t be.

She still does the ballerina stance, when we hold her in a standing position.


She is now 21 pounds, six ounces, otherwise known as heavy!

Quite a squealer and a giggler, I can’t wait to hear her voice when she begins talking!

Princess of open mouth kisses. Penelope is the Queen, she accidentally frenched me once while at IHOP with Aunt Beth. So far no frenchies from A. :)

We love you Amelia! Happy Birthday!

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  1. And I got to hold her and smooch on her on her 7 month birthday....what a sweet, sweet baby!


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