Saturday : : Picnic


Saturday we awoke with zero plans, so we spent it at the park. It was wonderful!


Yep, she’s already using a sippy cup…can’t believe it…


Oh, this lady. What a joy she is. Wish I had a shoe phone that classy!


The love he has for our girls is something to be admired. It flows so freely. You can see it in his eyes, He is such a wonderful man.


Hard not to have fun when you’re with these two! We had a relaxing picnic for an early lunch. Perfect weather, calm girls, our covered-wagon, and seven baby geese! Pretty good combo.


I am so grateful we live in such a wonderful, peaceful town. So much to be enjoyed here.

We went on a walk after our picnic, I’ll post more on that tomorrow since this post is already pretty long! :)


  1. I have to say that one of the many things that I love about Zack is his incredibly kind eyes. One of the many things I love about you is you ability to capture so much of your lives so I feel like I know what is going on every single day (and your bear hugs...you know I love those...) :)

    Love, Sarah

  2. Thanks Sarah! I think Amelia has those kind eyes of his. Penelope has my ability to give an awesome bear hug :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! You guys always know how to enjoy the moments!


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