My brother and his Mrs. are moving to Oregon at the end of the month. I am super bummed, and at the same time, really happy for them! (Miss Sadie Boo joined us!)


Penelope discovered pretzel sticks, and could have not been more happy about this. She only got sillier from here, but I somehow started to cut her head off…oops. :)



My adorable and awesome nephews!


I haven’t asked them of they liked it or not yet, but I can’t get enough! My parents couldn’t stop laughing at how hard it is to take a group photo with cranky grandkids, and Megahn doing a silly something-or-other behind my head in attempts to pull out some smiles! It was a pretty great moment.


Joseph and Megahn’s babies.


Notice this is the same Rootbeer can Leo had been drinking from. It took them about a half an hour of swapping this can to finally finish it.


We are going to miss you lovely folks!!

Two brothers at opposite ends of the country and the sisters smack dab in the middle…

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