Now that Amelia can eat solids, that is all she will eat. I still give her blended options, but I mix in chucks of fruits and vegetables.


Her favorite foods to eat are green beans and bananas. However, she will eat whatever is put in front of her, including non-food items. I sweep and vacuum everyday, simply because she believes everything is food. Keeps me on my toes, this one.


Mommy, sit here, okay?”


Penelope’s favorite thing is her doctor kit. (She has two.) Most likely do to Doc McStuffins, but whatever the reason, she digs it. She even takes a stethoscope to the doctors office, and the doctor gives her a check-up even if we just went there for Amelia.


If you visit us, chances are you will be given at least one check-up! I, myself, received roughly thirty yesterday. Each report came back great – phew!


Also, update on my wisdom teeth removal : : They removed five teeth in total, and three tumors from my jaw. The largest tumor was resting / pushing on my sinus. I can now breathe out of my right nostril, hear out of my right ear (I started losing hearing there in third grade), and I no longer get headaches when I wear my glasses or contacts (They used to be constant). I am one happy lady!


  1. Five teeth you poor lady! D: i'm so glad you're feeling better! I wouldn't mind a check up from that sweet Penelly!

  2. Come on over! Free of charge! :)


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