I had a thought a few days ago and instantly forgot it. Ha! Does this trait only get worse as I get older? Lets hope it plateaus for a while…

Anyway, “We should take Maple to the river!” was my thought. She often takes dips into the neighbors pond, so a wide open range of water sounded like Maple heaven. This thought resurfaced this morning and held on for dear life!

Mission accomplished.


I caught me a Mia! Thankfully, she thoroughly enjoys being strapped on Mama. I’m pretty fond of it as well.;)


Maple was…decent.

She didn’t listen to us at all, but she was on a leash, so it wasn’t a terrible time. We stayed calm and soaked in the peace of nature and a deserted river bank.


Penelope is still Queen of the river! I won’t be surprised if she ends up a ship Capitan…or a rock sorter. :) We dream big in the Rogers house.


I always yearn for Autumn well before I should. The sunset provided beautiful autumn colors for us. It was magical.

Also, isn’t Miss P. just adorable?? I think I need to trim those bangs. Yikes!


She was “splashing” Amelia.


Just one more Mama!”


Ah, Amelia. Cooler than cool. Cuter than cute.

Daddy’s twin, for sure!


By the end of it, Penelope was soaked, Daddy was tired, Mama was d o n e saying the word “Maple,” and Amelia was still so very relaxed.

As we walked back to the car Penelope scurried to gather rocks into her bucket like an addict. Feel free to grab a rock or two from your yard as a birthday gift for her. She’ll love it.


  1. Don't worry, with patience little miss maple will start listening, she's just enjoying being a real dog with a great family! Look at that river! Know anywhere around here that's like that? Plus, I need neighbors to let me pick black berries!

  2. Indian camp creek park up 40/61 has one at the first play area behind the pavilion. We used to take P there when we lived up there.


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