Penelope has been such an amazing sister to Amelia. There is an occasional, “No Mia! That’s mine!” echoing throughout the house. OH, and a plain “NO MIA! Get out your mouff!” – which has indicated that Amelia is eating something that is not food.


She has been such a huge help to me in the past couple of months (more than usual). Aside from her doctors kit, she has been enjoying coloring in her coloring book and reading every single book to Mia and I.


Even picking up crayons is fun with this lady!


Maple. Sweet little Maple. She can usually be found on the porch. Possibly because she gets treats for sticking around the house? The last picture was taken just after she devoured that treat. :)

She enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa here for the weekend just as much as the rest of us.


I set out some more shells in the large bathroom, as decoration. I gave Penelope some large shells to play with. She has played with them everyday for a week!

You’ll notice, she is still in her lamb jammies…way past the point of getting on proper clothing.


This is what Amelia looks like when you enter her room after a nap, Joyful. Adorable. Eagar. Photo ready.


We also painted those shells! Now they are officially hers.


The only picture I took this past weekend.

A jam-packed weekend of company (My parents + Josh + the boys Saturday, and just my parents Sunday) and only one photo to show for it.

Penelope is all about Grandpa. She pretend calls him between 50 + 100 times a day, and most nights he gets a real call from Penelope, telling him goodnight. She also shared her favorite game with him Sunday afternoon! Not everyone gets Daniel “Kigger,” Dad!

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