Miss A is at the point of basically only eating solids. I found this easier with my first child. Why is that?


She has always grabbed food with her thumb and pointer finger, even as an infant. I find this super adorable. She prefers to grab the food herself. If I try to feed her chunks with a utensil, she will take it out and put it back in herself, with the exception of eggs.


Less than a week ago, I began teaching her the signing for “More.” Tantrums were getting out of hand! Yesterday, she actually did it!! She even said “Mo mo mo mo mo mo.”

Proud Mama.


This morning was spent reading.


So many choices…




Sister love.

Amelia is so so happy to see Penelope. In the mornings when I go to rescue them from their beds, they are always both wide awake (Hello 6:45!) and always talking to each other.


In true female fashion, when given multiple choices, A chooses them all!! Its nice to have options, amiright?

Alright, Grandma’s, look away…


I still have the scissors I picked out when I began Kindergarten!

I did a test on my finger first to make sure the twenty year old scissors wouldn’t take one of my baby’s fingers. They are pretty darn dull, yet cut paper very well., as you can see.

I hear a baby calling my name! Gatta go!

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