Future blogger? She can document all of those rocks she’ll be sorting!

Penelope decided to rummage through my Pinterest page this morning. She is really into browsing little girl things, dresses, toys, pretty hair, etc.


I bought this kit for Penelope a month or so ago. When I finally got around to helping her with it, I discovered it uses stain, not paint. So Mama did all of the work. Oh well. She thinks they are the bomb diggity despite not being able to paint them herself. I couldn’t think of where to put them so I fashioned a mobile out of fishing wire and an embroidery hoop. She’s pretty excited about it. :)


Daniel Tiger (A spin-off of sorts of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood) was her while-Amelia-is-napping-activity of choice today. (She is sitting under that mobile.)


This morning was shady and chilly. I took advantage of this rarity, and let the girls swing until the gnats became aware of us. I spotted these colorful beauties while pushing my darlings! Autumn is c r e e p i n g in!!!!


Amelia sat by the door watching Maple watching her for quite sometime after our trip to the swing set.


Neighbors! Our neighbors make this house and the lifestyle we desire complete. Fresh fruits and vegetables from a garden? Yes please! We can’t wait until next spring when we will begin our own garden, but until then we are sure grateful for neighbors who share tips and food!!

(“My Miss Brenda” is also the one who gave us blackberries a while back)


More naps on the porch.


One wall in our dining room. There is usually a third silver platter on the wall, but it requires fresh “stickies.”


I put in a coffee area in the dining room this morning. Zack never knows what he is coming home to. ;)


WE HAVE A NEW OVEN!!!!!!!! I’m going to bake so many pizzas!!!!!!!!!


After swinging the ladies, I had to run back outside to capture those colorful leaves! I think Maple enjoyed to prolonged company.

We still have several hours left of this Thursday. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us!

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