View from the kitchen window.

Zack and I had a rough night. I only slept from about 5-6. Thankfully the girls slept like teenagers! We were up again by 6:30, and the girls were quick to follow. We were done with breakfast, dressed and ready to start some kind of activity by 7:00. Penelope chose swinging.


It was really really really cold. You’ll notice P is in flip flops and A is barefoot. However, they are in long sleeve shirts. :) Can’t win ‘em all.


Checking out what Mama is doing.


Point those toes!!


Maple was sniffing around and the girls could not have been more fascinated.


Such a beauty.


Amelia still has knuckle dimples. I love it! Penelope never had them. I though it came standard with every baby. I guess preemies don’t come equipped with certain things.


Maple enjoyed playing fetch with sticks I found in the yard. I’m glad she finally caught onto the the concept of fetch.


So grateful fall is a’comin’! I hope to enjoy many more mornings like this one!


I’ll leave you with this [abstract?] photo I took of the girls playing when we came back into the house. Simply because it is pretty and I’m not sure quite what to do with it. :)

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