I told myself I would not be cleaning on Friday. It seems like all I ever do, so I gave myself a day off. So so hard! T’was a mess. A big mess. “Out of sight out of mind” sounded like it was worth a try.


It was cold, rainy, and dark outside but I figured I would take this time to enjoy our porch. I know, I know, no socks or jacket….she is wearing a hat though, kind of.


We had music playing softly in the background as we colored and talked about “all things” (something Penelope says a lot).


I had shorts and a sweater on, but also no socks. I’ll get my head screwed on right one of these days.


Whispering “chalk”…goober. She makes everything fun.


Polka dots! Can’t have too many apparently. Oh, and pajamas at 11am as well. It’s my day off, remember?

Who am I kidding, pajamas at 11 am is a regular occurrence.


We were just missing the third amigo! Next time Mia!

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