_MG_7651Yesterday we had a full day! It’s going to take a couple posts to get through it all. For now I’ll share our evening.

The girls were down for a nap (or so I thought), so while Zack graded stuff I trekked over to the shed to see what was in there and attempt to clean it out.

About ten minutes after I arrived at the shed Zack and the girls came over to see what Mommy was up to.

We discovered 13 windows, which we plan to used to make a green house (So excited!!)…


…as well as this mason jar. It was rusty, but an SOS pad took care of it!


Mumbling, “Well, this breakable…so…”


We also found this old mirror. It was buried behind the windows we found. It weighs about twenty pounds!


Penelope’s legs while washing the mirror.

We put it in our room, so I figured since I have been revealing bits of our home lately, I’d go ahead and share this itty bitty space…


Probably should have pushed the drawers in all the way before taking these photos, but I never do. Leaving a bit of “natural state” for you guys.

Amelia thinks pulling all of Mama’s pants out and dragging them around the room is high-larious!


We have actual things to “tie” the curtains back, but we can’t seem to remember to put them up. Someday.

This dresser was also given to us by my brother, Joe! (Thanks Joe!)


This happened as Penelope and I cleaned the items we found! Adorable duo!

As always, thanks for helping me out, Miss P.!

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