Sunday (before we tackled the shed), we went on a hike as a family.


No reason you can’t look good doing it, right?


Penelope was so excited when she discovered these. Zack told her they were for throwing…so, that was fun. At least no one was harmed.


Penelope was so interested in “all things” that her and I often ended up pretty far behind Daddy and A. Worth it though!


We stopped for a cracker / water break before we entered the forest portion of our walk. As you can see, Penelope brought Raggedy along in her “pack-pack.”

Miss A even enjoyed some crackers, even though I’m pretty sure there is milk in them.


Zack pulled some moss for me to show how thick it was. I had no idea it was only green right on the surface, or how deep the roots go! Pretty cool find!


Zack and his ladies on the way back to the car.


Our loot. Safe to say we raked it in. Later, as we went inside for the night, Penelope scurried to fit all of this into her little hands. I helped her out, and she immediately went to find them in the morning.

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