Zack bought a bouquet? bush?…some mums the other day for something going on at the school. Every autumn I want mums, but I just cannot bring myself to spend that kind of loot on something of this nature even though I really enjoy plants. I’m a little hesitant to spend twelve bucks on a shirt, much less something that may or may not die soon. I am so glad he snagged me one and the money went to something good!


I made spaghetti sauce Wednesday with the tomatoes and peppers our neighbor gave us!

In the crockpot place chopped tomatoes.

Add in (the equivalent of one third the amount of your tomatoes): :

Chopped white onion

Chopped green peppers

Chopped celery

Salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and garlic – all to your taste.

Tomato paste

Cook on LOW for three hours.


Scoop out contents and place in blender.


Pour back into crockpot and cook on LOW for another three to five hours.


- It will be thin, so you can add in tomato paste to thicken it.

If you are freezing it, add in paste and meat when you are going to actually eat it. (The paste, will become watery upon thawing) If you are eating it right after you make it, add in paste and meat when you are ready.


This batch made a jar and a half.


Penelope has been enjoying her little tent lately. She has been “hiding,” playing with her dolls, having tea parties, taking pretend naps, and giggling like cah-razy in there.


She asked me to join her Wednesday morning to hide from the thunder and take a pretend nap. Invite accepted!


We have had a cold and rainy week. Needless to say, aside from our trip to the doctor, we have spent our days in pajamas making messes and snuggling and cleaning up those messes.


Look, Mom, a B!

Penelope has been “reading” big books lately. Some upside down even! Talented lady.


Penelope and I spent the majority of Thursday morning painting.

I hadn’t drawn or painted in so long, it was harder than I remember!

Happy weekend!!

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