I showed a peek of the dining room and kitchen the other day. I figured I would show you the rest since all but two of our friends live nowhere near us.


The entryway to the house.


This sewing machine is from Zack’s great-grandma. We’ve had it for a few years now. In our last apartment it was the resting place for our microwave. I think this is a better fit for it. Definitely one of my favorite things in this house.


The board my shades are on was left here with its twin (on the table) by the previous owners. Not sure what it was intended for…

The plant is in a chicken broth can. :)

(The red thing is a rubber ducky)


No, your head isn’t tilted, I just haven’t mastered the straight angle whilst harboring a baby on my hip without a tripod. I’ll get there.


If you come over, watch your step! There is likely to be something on the floor in every room. If you decided to help-a-mama-out and pick up whatever junk just stabbed your heel, it will surely be replaced with another, equally as pointy, object in a matter of minutes.


This can was the home of some boiled peanuts. Yes, I ate them, and yes they were delicious.


This banner isn’t a year round thing. Just an autumn touch. Cheap. Cheap is what I was going for here.

These posters were a dollar + seventy-four cents. Everything else you see here was either a dollar or free-to-me.


The flowers / pine needles are from our yard.


This shelf is to the left of the fireplace / wood stove (?) Lets just call it a fireplace…

It is where most (not all) of the stuff my grandparents have given me over the years is kept.

The sewing machine was my first! The table it rested in, now holds our coffee shtuffs.


If you were wondering, the album covers are held up by miniature clips and nails. Also cheap. See a pattern here?



I keep a bowl various “old” (Sorry Mom and Dad!) photos of my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.


This is one of two photos I have from Zack’s side of the family. The other one shares this shelf. I have a photo of Zack’s dad, but that’s it. Sorry Reighards and Rogers, you give ‘em I’ll display ‘em!


This is my Mama’s shelf. Along side the photos are some Japanese stuff (from grandparents) and shells, because she (like myself) loves the ocean!

There is an Indian-style candle holder there as well, but I just couldn’t think of where to put it. :)


I really like these large black and white posters, (Blueprint poster at Staples), I have them all over the house.

All of the shells you see are from my grandma, who also loves the ocean. Its in our genes…


These white “things” are soaps Zack’s students made in Solo cups last year. They smell amazing! Aside from the smell, they look like candles. Two for one. – and free fragrance!


This album is Chicago’s “You’re the Inspiration” single (my parent’s song).

The iron was my Vovo’s in Brasil. It is heavy so I keep it up high. Also, I’m pretty sure Penelope would use it to store various objects.

The couple figurine was a wedding gift from our friends Beth and Bill. One of these days I’ll paint the boy’s hair orange…


We play records while we eat supper, and occasionally during the day is Penelope is in the mood for a dance party. ;)

(We have several children’s albums, we don’t make her dance to “Rocky Mountain High,” although I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.)


A third of our album collection. My dad did the brunt of the work collecting most of these in his youth. Thanks Dad!

We’ll switch out those album covers at Christmastime!


Me and my man before we had kiddos.

This is a jar? Vase? Container.

This is a container we use to hold our ticket stubs. My favorites? Tony Hale at The Crossing, Phil Wickham with Shane and Shane (Shari took me! She knows I loves me some Phil Wickham!), and the Billy Graham museum (Amelia’s first road trip!).


My Daddy!


The fireplace we treasure! Bats moved in shortly after us, but have since moved out. Man oh man are they loud!


I found the stickies for that third platter!


What you’d see when you walk in. I’m showing you now, because if you do happen to come over, you might want to look at the floor as you walk…remember the blocks?


Also purchased some stickies for these babies, for above the new stove.

Silver from my Grandma, floral plate from Vovo.


This cabinet is what we use for a pantry. It was Zack’s grandparents from way back when.


The girls autumn aprons on display.

I realized the picture was crooked, but I decided I better leave it so you see something in it’s natural state. Meaning, my house is not nearly ever as clean as these pictures would have you think.


My sister got this menu for Miss P. at Estes Park in Colorado when we went to visit them. I also got my mom a shirt from here, since her name is Penelope as well.

Well, there you have it! Feel free to come see it in person. I’ll make sure to sweep the clutter into the corners and the dirt under the rugs before you arrive!


  1. You madame, lol, got me up and organizing my house after work today from all these lovely pictures! Please tell me you pinterest because your ideas must be shared!

  2. Aww, thank you so much Beth!! I do Pinterest :)


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