Saturday we attended the wedding of one of the coolest people we know. It was in Springfield so we were able to enjoy lunch at my favorite place, San Francisco Oven, before hand.


We stopped for a potty break on our way down at the home of this creepy cartoon man child I am always seeing billboards of. It’s a huge candy shop as well as a gas station.


Penelope entertained herself with the iPad, while Amelia entertained herself with her feet and a nap. Best travellers, even without the iPad.


Parm shots.


Daddy took A’s spoon. He got a stare down worthy of record books, and she got her spoon back. Well played Mia, well played.


Penelope gave us all a lesson in classiness while we waited for our food. (This is not usual behavior, but we were the only ones in the restaurant, so why not.)


I had a bright idea as we left the wedding, “I’ll grab her a cupcake for the road.”

Ha! Silly me.


Sunday morning we had two sick girlies, so we skipped church and later watched an online sermon (Its not contagious stuff, but I wasn’t about to be the mom bringing a child with a cough in to play with other kids).

Zack had work to do so he stayed with Amelia while I took Penelope shopping with me.


We took our sweet sweet time. (2 hours!) We even stopped to stroll the toy isles. Her birthday is right around the corner ya know!


Tuesday we had a doctors appointment for A, she either has sinus drainage or reflux again, we’ll have to wait and see. (She is 100% happy, so no worries!)

After taking Daddy to work, eating breakfast, A’s first nap, the doctor appointment, and nap time again, Amelia was able to enjoy some quiet Mommy time while Penelope finished her nap.


She was inspecting the tea set while I went potty (too much info?), and I came back to the living room to find it lacking a certain little girl.


…so I followed the trail. You know the one. Food removed from the pantry, books in the hallway, and finally Miss A unpacking her fall attire.


“Look Mom, a shoe phone!” Giggle giggle…


It took her a while to decide which one she liked best, but the leopard print flats won in the end. I believe she carried it with her whilst crawling all the way back to the bathroom, where it will remain for possibly the next two months.

We’ll be snuggling today with movies, blankets and hot chocolate today, as it is cold and rainy here. Go Wednesday!

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