My mom sent me a huge package for my 21st birthday (before we had kids). One of the gifts in it was a box.


Penelope has become a collector of sorts. The outdoor items she collects include rocks, leaves, berries, twigs...mostly.


(Yes, we have an outhouse. Consider that the tour of that part of our house!)

She discovered the box my mom gave me this past weekend when we began cleaning out the garage. She takes it everywhere. The couch, the kitchen, the bathroom, basically everywhere except to bed (Not that she hasn’t made such a request!). It is now hers. How could it not be?


So, with the sun Sunday morning, we headed out to get her a collection. It was so much fun to explore with her. We have since gathered fresh leaves, and more rocks – then painted them with nail polish, so now they are “fancy.” :)

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