Monday, the girls and I had a cah-razy music party! It was nuts! So loud and full of energy. A great way to transition into nap time. Ha! Good thinking on my part. Nevertheless, it was awesome!


These tiny recorders were party of the goody bags at Penelope’s party. They one hundred percent don’t work, but we had fun despite only hearing occasional ear-piercing squeaks.

Now scroll back up to the picture of Penelope “rockin’ out” to silence. She has a good imagination.


Sass much?

Sassy-britches made the most out of this drum head! I joined in with the second drum stick. Amelia was on egg-shaker duty. It was quite a party!


I tried to teach Amelia proper harmonica etiquette.


Close enough.


We have played with cars more than any other toy this week.


Rounding them up at clean-up time is easier said than done, as they end up in every room in the house. (Thanks Amelia!)


Penelope enjoys playing “Mommy.” She sure is a good one!


Amelia’s baby was instantly tossed behind her and left to fend for herself.


She was more interested in this (empty) medicine bottle. She hoped a pacifier would open it.


Meanwhile, Penelope had fed two babies and was putting them to sleep in her tent.


Amelia continued to try and open this bottle for at least another half an hour. I couldn’t help but stare at her that entire half an hour. Baby determination is adorable.

This morning I completed more of the daily chores before breakfast. We followed it up by playing with cars (imagine that) and now I’m going to come up with an activity for Penelope while A is napping! Happy Wednesday! (I totally had to look up what day of the week it was…)

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