Autumn is my favorite season. This year it is made better by our very own yard full of color!!


Wednesday at about noon it was finally warm enough to take the girls out. Amelia was napping so Penelope and I headed out to explore the yard…and swing, of course.


We only covered half of the yard since Penelope was on her bike. Maple tagged along. She’s good company. :)


My helper. She’s totally wearing Amelia’s coat. Since Amelia was sleeping I had to grab the only coat that wasn’t in her room. It’s so nice that they generally wear the same size! After our exploring we had a tea part complete with hot chocolate and graham crackers.


We have friends coming over tomorrow!! The first of our friends –that don’t live in our town – to come visit!! Probably over kill on the exclamation points, but I am excited. She has two kids, one Penelope’s age, and one Amelia’s. 

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