It is Thursday morning, Amelia is asleep and Mama is fresh out of fun things to do. Penelope wanted to go outside and shoot of fireworks – thank you Zack!obviously that wasn’t about to happen, so I had to come up with something fun to do outside.


Racing cars on the deck worked wonders to get her mind off of those fireworks. Her car won every time, go figure. After about ten minutes our game had turned into a pretty violent “chicken” match. She found it to be among the most high-larious of things.


Penelope’s eyes suddenly lit up. Clearly a brilliant idea had just been thunk!


Blowing Mama yummy kisses!!

She ran back inside to “grab some dollies.” After about two minutes of waiting, I peaked inside to see what in the world she could be up to. She was gathering all of the toys (in her arms!) in preparation to bring them outside with us.

I told her “Two toys, Honey. Two toys.”


Shortly thereafter, she emerged with her tea pot in hand. So we had a tea party!


Which ice cream should I choose??

Tough decision.

FYI: she chose pink every time, and gave me “banilla".”


After I became completely fed up with the amount of bees around us, we came inside.


While I worked on computer things, Penelope drew some pictures. She is getting really good at drawing shapes!


…and then Mia awoke and we played some more!!

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