We had planned on my friend, Lindsey and her kiddos coming over last Friday.

Well, she surprised us and brought my friend Jennie and her kids!


Not only that, but they came fully stocked with party supplies to give Penelope another party (since they missed hers earlier this month.) – it was such a sweet moment, knowing people love and care for my baby girl.


Yep, they even brought a bounce house!


Amelia was able to hang out with her buddies as well. I could tell she doesn’t get nearly enough time to play with other babies. She just stared blankly at them for the longest time.


Her friend Paulina picked out each girl a large balloon, and each of the girls brought Penelope a gift!!


They even brought cupcakes and tons of icing and sprinkles.

It. Was. Awesome.


Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies!!!! You have created such a beautiful memory for my lady.

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