It’s the weekend!! We kind of scrambled together an idea as to how to spend our evening. It would be shame to waste such good weather! We picked up some food and headed out to a look out point of sorts. We made it there just at sunset and made the most of it!


“There’s a stick, Mama.” 

I still have no idea what she had against the stick, but it had to go!!


While Amelia finished up her sup-sup Penelope got to ride her bike!


She figured out how to pop-a-wheelie! She was so proud.


My baby. She has Mama’s monkey hair. Such a lovely lovely girl.


Amelia was really fascinated with the bell on P’s bike.

Two whole days with Daddy still to come!!

*Also we saw at least thirty deer just walking next to the car on our way to the point! I love this town.

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