Zack and I finally broke down and purchased a bike for Penelope. She has been asking for one the moment she could talk! Okay, okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but she requested one quite often.

We decided to get her a balance bike. First of all its easier for her to stop when her sister gets on front of her – yikes!- and secondly it was the bike most recommend to us (every parent who past us while bike shopping stopped to recommend it!)

It’s a bonus we can skip the training wheel part and teaching her balance after the training wheel stage. Next stop (farther down the road!) is a big girl bike.


Our yard is spacious, but with hills, wildlife, and a baby, going outside (especially during the colder months) isn’t always an option. I wanted to get her a bike that could easily be used indoors. There is plenty of open space in our house so this small, light weight little number is barely noticed when she does take it for a spin and Mama is busy with Amelia or cleaning. – that is, if she weren’t squealing and yelling, “Comin’ through!”


She rides it around the house a few times each day, and each evening we go out and spend some time in the yard. We have kind of set up a routine. First we ride to the swing set, the girls swing, and then we ride back to the house and she rides a bit more while I sit on the porch with A.


Waving so gnats will fly away.


Afterward we wait for Daddy to get home and talk about our day and what we should do for the rest of it.

Maybe when Amelia is three we’ll think about that big girl bike for P, but for now we are really happy with this!!


  1. Can you tell me where you found this? I have been reading about them and they say they are safer than a tricycle and as you mentioned she should be able to skip the training wheels. I think my grandson needs one for Christmas.

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