Ahh, Monday. While most people dread it, I wake up rearin’ to go. Maybe because my only obligation is my lovely ladies.


Our house was super clean within hours after Penelope’s party ending, and remained so until we began our Monday morning. I decided to let it go. I naturally feel the need to clean / move something to anywhere except where it currently lies. Genetics. I didn’t give into the desire though! I just relaxed, soaked up some lovin’ from my ladies and enjoyed the mess. –and took pictures of said mess to display on the world wide web – yikes!


We even had messy faces! Saving some Nutella for later…


(Penelope’s birthday gift from Mommy & Daddy)


Penelope knows what. is. up.

I am not sure she inherited Daddy’s sweet tooth, but based on her tea party choices (ice cream & a donut), I’d say the chance is pretty dern high!


Party balloons were left to hang.


We made a gallery wall of sorts out of a gift Penelope received Saturday. We are still enjoying these and still adding to them – and its Wednesday!


While Amelia napped Penelope painted (paint markers) and tested out her new Doc headphones. The headphones are so great! They won’t go past a certain volume and they fit her teeny head just right!


Yes, my windows are that dirty…It’s on the outside and if I could reach it I would!


Tuesday we found a home for Penelope’s birthday crown my sister made her. ;)

We also brought all of the plants inside to live for the cold months– except for a tree that is on the deck. (see below)


We read several books!


Penelope wore the crown a bit more…


She and I built a pretty sweet tower (about a hundred times!).


…and knocked it down (about a hundred times!).


Then rebuilt it for round one hundred and one.


Penelope chose a popsicle as her snack, which meant going outside. Turned out to be just what we needed!


Maple really wanted to try her popsicle.


She looks so grown up to me…ahhh


Maple spent all day on the deck, napping in the sun. Not a bad idea. We should put a hammock back there next summer. Then again, I’d probably never get anything done!


The girls enjoyed pluots while Zack and I cooked supper.


Amelia discovered lettuce.


and Penelope helped me make a salad!

We ended the evening cleaning up, preparing for Wednesday. It’s already Wednesday?!?! Nuts!

-We also made pumpkin bread last night! I think I’m going to grab me a slice for breakfast… eh, who am I kidding, a loaf!

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