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Dear sweet sweet Mae,
Today is your third birthday!
I could say these three years have flown by but it would not be true. It has been a full & beautiful three years. Full of giggles, and oh so many smiles.Three years of hearing your sweet delicate voice. Three years full of you. Perfect little you. Life would be so much less with out you…and quite frankly no fun at all!
We love you so much.
You declare, “Oh my! I love it!” when you come across something you adore, and “Dis be awesome!” when we are taking you on an adventure to somewhere new. You bring joy to each and every moment.
You run with a kind of bounce. While it is adorable beyond words at age three I can imagine running in such a manner would be embarrassing at say, age sixteen, but I hope you hold on to it as long as you can.
You turn away from any sad or scary parts in movies. You feel such deep compassion for characters in trouble, characters in pain, characters you conclude really just, in the end, “miss their Daddy.” You make us better.
You will one day want to grow up to be like Daddy and I, but I hope with all of my being that we grow up to be like you dear sweet shiny penny.
I am blessed –so blessed!- to be able to stay home with you. To see every moment of your life. I try to soak up all that I can. Some days I get distracted. Frustrated. “Cranky.” These days you are sure to show me what is important. You and Amelia are all I need to distract me. Dishes can wait until you’re asleep, right? You bet your tiny hiney they can, and thanks to you, they will.
Snuggling with you beats rock, paper, and scissors. Every time.
You love sparkles and bright red lips. You gasp at the beauty of Mama’s costume jewelry. Given your way, every lady would wear a dress every day. You dance like you mean it. You do everything with your entire heart. I wish I could love like you. You make me believe I could.
Thank you, darling Ploppy, for letting me hug you as tight as I can, kiss you as many times as I wish, and stare at you as long as I desire.
Happy birthday Penelope.
I love you.

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  1. That is the sweetest letter I have ever read. Happy Birthday Penelope. I love and miss you Rogers family.


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