Dear Darling Beauties,

Oh how you fill my heart. Nothing brightens my day faster than watching the two of you talking amongst one another, playing softly in the distance, or playing a game of follow the leader, your giggles filling every nook of our home.

Penelope, you hug your sister’s neck so very tight. The tighter the hug the more love it holds, right? I get it. However, Amelia does not.

I love the way you adore her.

Amelia, you will follow your sister to the ends of the earth without any hesitation. She is without a doubt your favorite person.

You are bold. You hold nothing back. You make your feelings known, good or bad. You melt our hearts with a flash of your smile, and lucky for us, you smile at just about everything.

I can tell already, the two of you will be a force to be reckoned with. An unbreakable bond will keep you two together through whatever life throws at you. You are forgiving of one another.

When Amelia gives you an open mouth kiss, Penelope, you take it with a giggle. When you see that Mia doesn’t have a toy, you offer up your favorite.

I love you two with such a fierce undying love. I am tempted to wake you up from a nap, as I often do, I miss you so much. I long to hold you.

You are more than welcome to grow taller and grow older, but please never outgrow each other.

Oh, and Amelia, please stop throwing food on the floor.

Love, Mama.

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  1. that's what we call "Sifter love" (baby talk obviously for sister lol...) I pray that one day Saya will have a sibling to grow up with and share those memories only siblings can share (though first She needs to make her debute!)


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