This week has been a fun one. The girls have been extra silly. Can’t go wrong with silly, and you can’t have too much!


We have spent many-a-day in pajamas. 


We put up the Christmas tree last weekend, and it is too bare for my taste, but I am trying to be patient with it. Hopefully in thirty years it will something to behold.


Look at that face!!

We have spent mornings snuggling in Mama’s bed.


We are supposed to get snow and ice for the next couple of days, so I thought I would rake the leaves so we could play in clean snow. Well, the girls saw me through through the window while they were “taking a nap”….stinkers. So naturally I let them ditch naptime.

I totally paid for it later.


Penelope talking to Grandpa Penny while she played.


We may have another rock enthusiast on our hands.


The weather today was warm, in case you were wondering why in the world I let my baby go outside dressed in such a manner in the month of December.


I am ready for some wintery weather mess!!!! Let’s hope it’s a big one! – but not so big that Grandma Shari cancels her trip to come visit!


  1. We always buy just one ornament a year that we both really like and it will help you to have a fabulous tree one day with lots of memories about each year you bought one! I like to get cheap plastic ones and decorate them myself (and cover the house in glitter in the process) I'm sure Penelly is up to the ornament making task! Maybe not Miss Mia just yet, as you've told me she likes to chew on all the things hehe.

  2. So far Amelia has left what ornaments we do have alone. We are making some tonight and Zack is going to glaze them and fire them in one of his kilns. Since having kids, they have picked one out each year, I know in twenty years it will be FULL of memories. :)


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