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Three days ago, something got into me and I was on, what seemed like a non-stop mission to drasticall change things in our house.


First thing I did was paint the trim on the side shelves. I have debated back and forth on whether or not to paint the brick white as well. I love the look better, but I just don’t know if I can bring myself to paint brick. The dining room is the darkest room in the house, aside from our laundry room. The white brick would certainly brighten things up.


I am so excited to rev up the wood stove! We are saving this wood for Christmas eve / Christmas when my parents are visiting.


This shelf could use some color…


Sorry for the of kilter photography. Have baby, will wobble.


I have tried to incorporate more family photos, books and album covers (as art) into the display.


We just inherited this furniture from Zack’s aunt. It is nice to finally have a designated space for tablecloths, napkin rings, extra candles, etc.  - oh, and a place high up to store our breakable heirlooms from little fingers!

Feel free to weigh in on the white brick vs. red brick debate. Zack likes the white to, but needs the same persuasion I do. Eventually, maybe we’ll flip a coin, but we’d like your input!

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