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Ben’s favorite place in the town he holds so dear has to be the First Baptist Church of Headland. I could see why the moment we walked in the door., and I didn’t even have a chance to meet the people that make it so special.


This is the old sanctuary. Both sanctuaries have these gorgeous (nearly floor to ceiling) windows.


They all have a dedication at the bottom. Isn’t it beautiful??


[The rest of the church photos are in the newer sanctuary]


This is Ben’s seat in the choir. :)


Amelia’s favorite part of our entire trip, I do believe, was spending time in the sanctuary at First Baptist church of Headland.


The Blur formerly known as Amelia.


She was so giddy when she discovered the pews. Never has a child been so happy.

Thanks Dad for keeping a swift eye on her!

If you were wondering where Penelope was while Amelia was dashing from stage to pew, she was playing the tambourine with Grandma Penny.


Oh, Penelope… I love you so much.

We took Ben out to Cheeburger Cheeburger for lunch. Very good food! It was packed, but I think that just goes to show how worth the wait it really was.


After lunch we strolled through a few outdoor stores in search of (much needed) new work boots for Ben. The shoe featured in the photo above was the good one (by far!)…


Penelope found a new mannequin friend! I have yet to discover what is so charming about a mannequin. However, “Mannequin” is a setting on Penelope’s this-is-the-bomb-o’meter. Few things have managed to surpass this particular setting.


Walking on your heels is high-larious!


She found the shoes ;) Shoes have never been an interest of mine, but I do believe it will be one of Penelope’s.


Uncle Ben must have made fifty laps around the store with these two. Amelia’s face as he zoomed around corners was priceless.

Penelope told me multiple times “Ben is my fwiend.” – safe to say, that will always be the case.

Thank you for spending your twenty-fifth with us Benjamin!

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