Friday was my younger brother’s (and sister’s!!!) birthday. The big 2-5! He lives so far from us, which made it extra special that we could be there to spend a few days with him.

He is so so happy where he lives. It is even smaller than the town I live in. I had no idea that was even physically possible.


Anyway… We spent the day taking a tour our his favorite places and checking out some cool stores in the “big city”.

We started out at his house, which is what this post is about. It was beautiful!


Among a Christmas tree farm of sorts in the back, a banana tree, cactus fruit, and other various (and beautiful!) plants, was a PECAN TREE!!!

If you can’t tell by the abundance of exclamation points, I am a fan of pecans.


We spent some worthwhile time gathering some.


Carrying her “acorns” to the car.


My dad’s cousin has a small tree full of tangerines in his yard and this beautiful cotton field right next to his house. Penelope was a little scared to feel the cotton ‘flower’.

Headland is beautiful and I can see why he fell in love with its charm.

More to come in another post!

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