Family, great food, football, and a road trip. We have a lot to be thankful for! Hope everyone else’s Thanksgiving was spent with loved ones. I’ll leave you with (quite a few) photos. ;)


Vovo, such an amazing cook!


Grandpa and Penelope, best “fwends”.


Games, games, and more games – my kind of day.


She knows a kiss is coming…


My grandpa (“Step-grandpa” if we’re getting technical) received a lovely surprise Thanksgiving morning. Two of his grandsons, who live in Atlanta, stopped by for about an hour. I’m sure he enjoyed a break from the much louder Wilkinsons. No doubt they are related!!


Penelope and Coop. Second cousins, yet they could easily pass for brother and sister.


Parker looks exactly like his Daddy, yet somehow manages to resemble Miss Mia. They make the same “tough” face. :)


What is it about Little girls and their great-grandmas? So so sweet.



aaand… football (both types!)


What's cooler to a four year old boy than a real life giant?



Thanks for having us Vovo and Grandpa!! Same time next year?

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