With overcast chilly days I have trouble locating even an ounce of motivation to get the girls out of the house. Amelia is getting over a cold, so we have been waiting until she is down for a nap, if we go out at all.


When we do, we explore in great detail.

Conquering tree stumps, chasing leaves as they blow off of trees as if it were a piƱata raining sugary treats, and we take our time making sure to pluck each berry from each bush with the utmost care.

Of course “we” haul all of out booty into the house so that we can show Daddy our treasures when he gets home.


Our mess maker, caught in the act.


This particular mess mas made with tornado-like precision and speed.


We had a non-stop weekend recently. It was topped off with a visit from Zack’s grandparents, his mom and Aunt Kathy.


“Mom, I want to take pictures now!!” – You can see that this whine is a 100% legit, and in no way a fake cry.

Poor girl has a rash from Kleenexes. Nothing a two hour trip for some Boogie Wipes and some Neosporin can’t fix.


Amelia has reached an age where she can really play with Penelope, and wants to! Penelope wants Amelia with her at all times. They play so well together. So far Penelope isn’t a bossy pants, as older kids can be to little ones.


On our way home from “the big city” this weekend, we passed some beautiful storm clouds. I couldn’t pass them up…

rwin day

Tuesday was twin day at the elementary school. There is a 2nd grade teacher that kids (and some teachers) constantly get mixed up with Zack and visa versa.

They were each others obvious choice. They even have the exact same interests & personality (from what I hear), and as you can see, the same jersey! Zack said when he walked into Mr. Allen’s class that day the students stared, as if to say, “What! There’s two of them?!?” I’m sure they are all officially confused.


Penelope wanted to participate in twin day with Daddy. She was so excited about them matching. Adorable, right?

Well, that is what we have been up to. Have a lovely Wednesday!

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